Hirotoshi Sano

I have devoted my life to the neurosurgical operation, especially intracranial
aneurysm surgery for the patients. In 1980’s there was a few CVD and almost no aneurysm in India, Prof. Ramamurthy said.
I told him that even in Japan, 10-20 years back there was almost no aneurysm. After the development of diagnostic procedure, aneurysm has been found and surgery has been gradually growing. Probably it would be the same in India.
Prof. Ramamurthy said probably you are right and 30 years later in India aneurysm surgery become very popular. Fortunately I have been invited to the Neurovascon almost every year from the 1st meeting so far.
Prof. Robin Sengupta was already well known in New Castle. We became good friends respecting each other. We did live surgery together so often in India.
In 2017 he requested me to found Sano School on aneurysm surgery in Kolkata, however I am still busy for working and doing surgery in Japan
But his passion and sincere heart to save more patients’ lives made me decide making Sano&Sengupta Academy on Aneurysm Surgery together.
I strongly hope many ambitious young neurosurgeons come to see us and learn how to do it accurately and safely for the many patients suffering from the Kolkata.

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